Monday, May 19, 2008

Sexy liners 222

What bitches say during Sex -
English Bitch - Oh yes, Oh Yes!!!!!!!!!!
American Bitch - Yeah Baby,Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!
Pakistani Bitch - Ahista Abboo......Ammi jaagjayegi!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Teacher asks: Why do buffaloes seem depressed when milked?
Little Harry: Mam, if someone rubs your boobs for two hours&does'nt fuck you, how would you feel????


What do Bungee Jumping & Prostitutes have in common?
With both pleasure lasts for 35 seconds and if the rubber breaks,you are fucked.


What is the sex organ of an elephant and why?
His foot. Beacuse if he stamps on you, you are fucked


What do you call two homos having sex? DANDIA
What do you call a group of homos having sex? DISCO DANDIA
What do you call hundreds of homos having sex? LATHI CHARGE

Wife to Doc: An ant entered my vagina. Please help and takeit out.Doctor: removes her panty and starts making love to her.
Wife(angrily): What are you doing?
Doc: This is the only way. I will drown the bastard.