Monday, May 19, 2008

I'll have a heineken

The sexy woman walked into the bar one afternoon and said, "I'll havea Heineken"

She took the glass of beer and swallowed it in one gulp. Then shefainted on the floor.

"Come on, give her a hand," the bartender called to the two men whowere sitting at the bar. The men helped carry her into a spare roomat the back and one of the men glanced around and said, "Listen,nobody's ever going to know, how about if we give her a quick fuck ?"

They did just that. A few minutes later the woman came to andsaid, "Where am I ? What is the time ? My God, I have to get home."And out she went.

Next afternoon, there were six men hanging around the bar when thesame girl came in again and said, "I'll have a Heineken"

She drank it down in one gulp and then fell on the floor in a deadfaint. The men carried her to the back room and the performance wasrepeated, except that now there were seven men, including thebartender.

The next day when she came in, there were twenty odd men hangingaround. "I'll have a Heineken", she said. She swallowed it in onegulp, fell to the floor in a faint, and was carried to the back roomwhere all the men partook of her.

When she arrived on the fourth day, the word had really gotten aroundand there were close to fifty men in the bar, waiting eagerly withlustful eyes and bulging pants. As she walked towards the bar, thebartender pushed a glass of beer towards her.

"You'll want your Heineken, Miss ?"

"No", she said " You better give me a gin & tonic. This Heineken isgiving me a pain in the pussy"