Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hindi Adult Non Veg Sexy Jokes Part-6

Why did Santa Singh take his pregnant wife to " PIZZA HUT "
Because they advertised "FREE DELIVERY "
>What is a difference between Personal & Private Secretary?
Private Secretary says `Morning Sir !!`
whereas Personal Secretary says `It's Morning Sir !!`
Boy: " Pura andar gaya ?"
Madam: "Haan gaya .."
Boy: " Dard hua kya ?"
Madam: "Bahut hua "
Boy: " Chalo doosra sandal try kartay hai madam! "
A man is dying of cancer. His son asked,"Dad, why u keep telling people u r dying of AIDS ? "
Dad :" So when i m dead No one will dare FUCK your Mom ! "
Why do orgasms exisit ?
Because people wouldn`t know when to stop fucking!!!!!!
Woman being Raped, calls the Police over the phone & says :
"helloooh, ooh, uuhaah, yes, uoah, this man is raping me, aah oyes, aahh, can u come & arrest him TOMORROW!!!
Man collides. His elbow hits lady's boob.
Man: " If ur heart is as soft as ur boob,than I'm sure u'll forgive me."
Lady:" If ur penis is as hard as ur elbow, than I'm in room no. 104. "
The F rules:
Find her
Friend her
Flirt her
French her
Fondle her
Finger her
Fuck her
Forget her
Find next..!
What is the difference between a watch & a girl?
Jadon watch kharaab hundi hai tan band ho jaandi hai:
Lekin Jadon Girl kharaab hundi hai tan chaaloo ho jaandi hai.......!!!
Pussy Pussy don't go far
Let me rub u in Salwaar,
Up above the legs so high,
Always juicy never dry,
Let me fuck u don't feel shy,
Come on baby, just one try.
Man to Wife on Wedding night:"r u sure i'm the first man u have slept with?"
"of course Honey,I stayed awake with all the others!!!!!"
7 Lies of MAN:--
1. Let's be friends.
2. We will only talk.
3. I will only kiss u.
4. Only buttons not the bra.
5. I'll not suck ur boobs.
6. I'll not insert.
7. I love U.
Arz hai....
College se nikalte hi kitaabain seenay se laga leti ho,
Hum kya marr gaye jo khud hi daba leti ho !!!!
Womens Prayer::
O holy men lay down with me on a holy bed
Let ur holy pole enter my holy hole
So that ur holy water can produce a holy soul. Aaaah.. Men!!!!!
Iss nav warsh main aapko saandh ki shakti, raand ki bhakti, osama
ki bhudhi, Raveena ki fuddi, sex ka gyan, boobs ka dhyaan, land ki
lambaai, choot ki garmai prapt ho....!
People live, people die
people laugh, people cry
some give up, some will try
some say hi, some say bye
other may forget you
but never will i !
What do u usually say after sex?
I luv u!...........wrong!
That was great!..........wrong again!
I luv it!........wrong again!
the answer is :" mera kacha kithe?"
Woman complaining to Dentist: "I'd rather get pregnant than have a tooth filled !"
Dentist: "Decide so i can adjust the chair accordingly..."
Bhagwaan (god) sabse zyada kab khush hote hain?
When a girl is getting raped & she screams."

What did Carefree tell to Nirodh?
"Boss, if u fail both of us will be out of business!"
A lady lost her 3 panties in her house.
She asked her husband , but he didn't know.
Husband asked the maid.
Maid replied:" saab aapko toh maaloom hai main kachhi nahin pahenti !!!!!!!! "
Woh raat Diwali wali thi,
woh piya se chudne wali thi,
Koi aur hi aake chod gaya ,
Lund ko lehnge se ponch gaya ,
Uski Maa ne kiya VIRODH,
Tune choda bina NIRODH.
Newly wed husband: "I will be frank with u, dear u r not the first girl, I've Fucked !"
Bride:"I'll also be frank, you have still to learn a lot about fucking !"
Boy:"Kaash main teri panty hota, tere naram angon se chipka hota..."
Girl:"Theek kaha! Jab main chud rahi hoti to tum bhi kisi konay par paday hote!!!!"
Girl's don't bunk classes b'coz they know missing periods means PREGNANCY !.
How do u teach MATHs to a girl?
Add her to the bed, substract her clothes, divide her legs & start multiplying.
1. Intelligent man + Intelligent woman = Romance.
2. Intelligent man + Stupid woman = Pregnancy.
3. Stupid man + Intelligent woman = Affairs.
4. Stupid man + Stupid woman = Marriage.
6 yrs boy caught in rape case. In court Lawyer( while holding boy penis):

" ur honour, see little boy can he rape someone?"
Boy to lawyer:"Itna na hila, nahin toh case haar jayenge!!"


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?great Collection ......
Santa: I am so miser (kanjoos) that I went alone
for my honeymoon and saved half the money.
Bania: That is nothing, I saved full money.
I sent my wife for honeymoon with a friend.

source- Kanjoos Santa Jokes

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