Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gujarati Business Ingenuity

A teacher offered a $20.00 bill to students in his classin a strong organized religion town of America which voted George Bush to power two times.

He asked,"Who was the Most Famous Man ever lived in the history?"

An Irish boy responded, "St. Partrick, Sir" and raised his handto collect $20. Teacher pushed him back in his chair.

A Scottish boy responded, My Dad says, St. Andrews and then he approached teacher, put his hand in teacher pocket searching for money. Teacher grabbed him by arms, raised him and threw him In his chair.

A Gujarati Shashin was watching everybody fail. He came forward and said, Sir, it was Jesus Christ.

The teacher came to Shashin, hugged him, with emotional tears in his eyes gave him $20 note and asked, Now tell all these nincompoop in my class, how youknow this?

Shashin turned and addressed the class, You nincompoops, I know it is LordKrishna,I lied, but dollar twenty is dollar twenty, it is business.