Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Laugh and make your day

Money Cut 


Rajesh complained to the class teacher. "My father fired me for removing Mahatma Gandhi's photograph using a scissor." Teacher: That is too bad. 

Tell me from where did you remove the picture? "From 500 Rupee note".Rajesh replied.


Sardarji was found removing some tires from his four wheeler even though they were intact. "Why did you remove them" the passerby questioned.

"Don't you see the board. "Parking only for two wheelers".Sardarji clarified.


The traffic inspecor caught hold of a motorist riding with 2 more people in his motor bike.
"stop the vehicle".your vehicle is overloaded.He roared.Take me along in the bike.
and proceed to the police station.You have to pay the penalty.! the inspector said.


Husband to wife on the wedding night." There should be complete harmony and happiness throughout our life.Can you show me an example to make this dream a reality". Next day morning the wife had an early bath.prepared breakfast and hot tea and called her husband. "How lucky I am to have such a wonderful wife",the husband was delighted.". "This is only an example. For having complete harmony and happiness.
You should do like this from tomorrow and awake me.


Sardarji was appointed clerk in an office. First day itself he worked from 10 a.m. to10 p.m. night in front of the coputer. The boss was impressed.You are ery hardworking. What you have been doing since morning.? "The boss wanted to know. 

All the alphabets in the keyboard were topsy turvy. I removed each one and placed them in order.Sardar replied.


Will you beat me if I tell you one thing.Wife enquired from husband. Of course not. husband said. Wife." I am three months pregnant". wife clarified.Husband was delighted. "On the contrary this calls for celebration. Why would I beat you?".

"When I was studying in college,my father had beaten me for telling the same thing." The wife confessed!


Johny wrote to Jesus christ.My dear Jesus,please get me a cycle .Even after one week there was no response. Again he wroter. Please get me a cycle soon.Again there was no response.He purchased Matha's photo,kept in his house and sent a warning to Jesus. "Your mother is in my custody. If you want your mother back safe, please provide the cycle within 24 hours".