Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why three rates?

A boy goes in a red light area and goes on watching the girls there. On many houses mirrors are on display with three notes of different denominations pasted on the mirrors.
Boy mobilised some courage and asked one girl, “ Are these notes indicatives of the rates?”
Girl replies, “Yes.”
Boy asks “What are they for?
Girl replies”Rates are only for kissing.”Boy is surprised.
He asks “How it is that just for a kiss there can be three different rates? Are they for three different girls?
Girl replies, “NO. The rates are equal for all the girls”
Boy further asks, “How come it is possible? Then why at all there are three rates?”
Girl quietly replies, “There are three rates because they depend upon three factors.
First is for Time to be elongated for one kiss,
second is for the pressure with which the kiss is to be taken and
third is for the organ of the girl which is to be kissed.”