Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now enjoy this

1. What is the difference between cheating u r wife and cheating on the taxman?
If u get caught, the taxman still want to screw you.

2.One lady delivered twins, surprisingly one is boy & other is dog... How is it possible?
Her hubby is a hutch user... Wherever he goes his Network follows.

3.Dentist didn’t get erection on wedding night so he used finger.
Wife: What's this?
Nothing honey, just a temporary filling

4. Wife n Mobile:
1) Dono hi dusro ke achche lagte hai.
2) Dono hi naye achche lagte hai.
3) Dono ko hi raat bhar charge karna padta hai.

Mother: Do u know the meaning of Mangalsutra?
Daughter: Yes, it is the license to enjoy Kamasutra.