Saturday, November 1, 2008

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Posting Guidelines

To post a message to Sweet Jokes List,

1.Send the e-mail to

2.Give proper subject lines
For example,

1) If you are introducing yourself, please use:
[INTRODUCTION]: Magician from Honolulu

2) If you are sharing a joke/poem or any other fun stuff, please use:
[FUN]: Love vs. Marriage

3) If you are sharing any news related to India, please use:
[NEWS]: India becomes permanent member of U.N.

3.List is moderated,But all the postings will be delivered immediately.

4.Be polite, disciplined and Think about the Picture or mail twice before posting.

5.Remove the ">" forwarding marks, headers, footers, etc. before posting.

6.Avoid writing in only uppercase or lowercase.

7.Spell check your message before posting.

8.Please do not repost same e-mail if it is not approved.

9.Hate e-mails against any race, religion or nationality will NOT be permitted.

10.No chain letters please.

11.Include the name and e-mail of the original author if available.

12.Posting of advertisements by individuals are not permitted and may lead to either a ban on posting or removal from the group

13.Single line introductions will not be approved.

14.Messages without appropriate subjects will not be approved.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Group Email Addresses
Post message:
List owner:
              ANURAG BHATIA (
Moderator:    ANURAG BHATIA (
              SHRUTI BHATIA (
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