Sunday, November 22, 2009

how to make love to a woman

Older brother, Joe, was giving advice to his younger brother, Kevin, on how to make love to a woman.

"You need to start off slowly" explained Joe, "build up the tempo, then slow it back down again, then mix it up a little -fast then slow."

Kevin seems a little unsure, so Joe shares a technique he uses to keep focused.

"When you're having sex, imagine that you have a pocket full of change. Start out slow and gentle and think of a nickel. Increase the tempo and think of a dime. Step it up a bit more and think of a quarter. Then, as you really build up, think of a dollar.

Finally, drop back to a nickel again and repeat the whole thing. You'll drive any woman wild with desire."

Shorty after this, Kevin finds himself about to have his first sexual encounter and he decides to use the advice his brother gave him.

He starts out real slow and in his mind he's thinking,

"nickel.... nickel.... nickel....

nickel... dime... dime...

dime.. quarter.. quarter..



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