Friday, December 19, 2008

Jokes from Pakistan

Shaadi A Boy to astrologer: Meri Shaadi Kyun Nai Ho rahi..?
Astrologer: Qudrat Ne Teri Qismat Mai Dukh Nai Likhe To Mai Kiya Kar Sakta Hun" Sardar, Divorce & Divide A sardar and his wife go for divorce. Judge asks, "You have 3 kids; how will you divide them?" Sardar thinks and says, "Ok, we'll come next year!" Sardar's Kidney Failing In Skool? DOCTOR: Ur Kidney Has Failed!

§ARDAR: Doctor! Wat da hell R U Talking,
My Kidney Never Went 2 School
Then How It Failed.? Kid: Once a he-goat was being taken to butcher's hop. So the goat was crying loudly. The school boy asked his mom about the reason for this. Mom cleared his doubt. Then the boy said with deep breathe," oh ! that's OK, I was worried that he is being taken to school." Busy youth 1 Hand On Horn
1 Hand On Gear
1 Ear Listening to Songz
1 Ear On the Mobile
1 Foot On Accelerator
Other On Clutch
& both Eyes On Girlz
Welcome to INDIA
with our hardworking youth... Arz kiya hai Shayer: Arz kia hai.
Sardar: Irshad irshad.
Shayer: Arz kia hai.
Sardar: Irshad irshad.
Shayer: Abay kamine bolne to de .
Sardar: Wah wah wah ;-)