Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Thing to do after Jail

Jack was in prison for seven years. The day he got out, his wife and son were there to pick him up. He came through the gates and got into the car.

The only thing he said was, “F.F.”

His wife turned to him and answered, “E.F.”

Out on the highway, he said, “F.F.”

She responded simply, “E.F.”

He repeated, “F.F.”

She again replied, “E.F.”

“Mom! Dad!” their son yelled. “What’s going on?”

Jack answered, “Your mother wants to eat first!”

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Sardar: Dekho.. Main Chahe Jaisa Bhi Hoon..
Par Baccha Ek Dum Sunder Hona Chahiye..
Wife: Dekho Ji.. Choice Is Yours.. Baccha Yaa
Toh Sunder Hoga Yaa Aap Ka Hoga..!